Chevrolet Captiva – Designed for Royalty.

The strength and space of a sports utility vehicle. The style and practicality of a family car. The Chevrolet Captiva is a unique mix of both.


The Captiva was designed entirely in-house at GM Korea’s Design Centre in Incheon. Since then, however, the car’s styling has been refined at various GM studios around the world, including the Opel HQ at Russelsheim in Germany.


Captiva is available in two outstanding variants – the LT (Manual Transmission) for those who always like to be in control and enjoy the stick-shift action and LTZ (Automatic Transmission) for the laid-back offering you the ultimate driving comfort. This soft-roader is tough on the inside and suave on the outside both designed to make your drive smoother and steadier than any other SUV.


Th Chevrolet Captiva has a 2.2L four cylinder diesel engine with high-pressure common rail and integrated turbo charging technology which delivers 188.5 PS power and 424 Nm torque and is powered by a Four-Cylinder VCDi Engine. This fireball of a car not just owns the road it flies on but is also strong, sturdy and masculine. With its well-refined engine that keeps the noise intrusion in the cabin to a minimum and advanced technology ensuring maximum fuel economy and low emissions, this is one SUV to reckon with.


The Chevrolet Captiva is a complete package with Stylish Alloy Wheels that command attention, LED Tail Lamps that is not just a safety feature but also a style statement, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) keeps the car in control when braking on low friction surfaces (like wet or gravel surfaces).


Amongst its other features the Chevrolet Captiva also offers Traction Control, Hill Descent Control, Rear Parking Assist, Rain Sensing Wipers, Heated mirrors outside and Steering mounted Cruise Control that automatically controls the speed of the car while you cruise effortlessly on the highway.


The Chevrolet Capitva designed for the perceptive eye, is a real head turner on the road. It’s adaptive all-wheel drive and level ride control help you maneuver through city traffic as well as winding hilly trails and open highways with the same comfort. Road trips take on a whole new meaning when you are cruising through in the Chevrolet Captiva. One look at the luxurious and spacious interiors and it’ll leave you craving for more.


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