Chevrolet Heritage: 100 years strong & 100 more to come!!!

Chevrolet was founded on 3rd November 1911 by Swiss immigrant and racer Louis Chevrolet and U.S. entrepreneur and General Motors founder William C. “Billy” Durant.


The Chevrolet brand has already completed a hundred years since its inception and is still going strong as today it is one of the best known brands not just in the U.S. but all around the world. The iconic bow-tie design still holds strong and has inspired a millions to buy Chevrolet cars and trucks for over a hundred years.


Chevrolet in India


Chevrolet first came to India between 1918 and 1928, which was the dawn of automobiles in our country. Needless to say it became an instant hit because of its simple yet fuel efficient small four-cylinder Tourers. The Nawabs (Royalty) of Hyderabad the archetypal rich class of the time were amongst the first to drive the Chevrolet on India roads and soon made them their official cars.


Chevrolet along with General Motors came to become the first automobile company to open an assembly plant in India. The first plant was established in Sewree in 1928 with its main office in Mumbai then known as Bombay.


In spite of fierce competition from Ford in 1931 Chevrolet still managed to up its sales and countered the competition with the revolutionary six-cylinder engine that gave 46 horsepower giving Chevrolet their highest sales in India that year.


Chevy & Bollywood


Chevrolet has not only sunk its roots deep into the Indian culture but it also goes hand in hand with the most popular Indian Film Industry i.e. “bollywood”. Legends like Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor Kishore Kumar to actors like Rakesh Roshan ,Abhishekh bachan and many more have used the Chevrolet cars in their movies to romance their heroines. The Impala’s popularity with the Indian film world and the rich and famous, was the highlight of Chevrolet at the time. The air ducts, the massive bat wings and tear-drop tail-lights, all screaming out style and fashion.


“Cruzing” into the Next Century


The latest offerings from Chevrolet like the Park, Beat, Cruze to name a few have already created a rage and taken the Indian automobile industry by storm.The Chevy “bowtie” insignia is seen on vehicles in more than 130 countries and Chevrolet is leveraging those worldwide links to develop products tuned for local tastes and needs, while delivering the brand’s trademark style, value and performance.


Chevrolet enters its second century with great momentum. The next 100 years will see Chevrolet help remake the automobile to complement the needs of evolving societies and changing resources — all with its iconic style, performance and value.


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