Importance of Car Maintenance

Maintaining a car includes a little more to it than just regularly filling up your fuel tank and the rare engine oil checks.  It is a must to get your car thoroughly checked each and every time you plan to go on a long road trip.

Importance of Car Maintenance

Contrary to the general belief that timely maintenance of a car is a waste of time and money, we would like to point out some benefits and importance of regularly maintaining your vehicle.

  • Regular vehicle maintenance not only increases the life-span of your car but also reduces costs considerably. As regular check up of the car will help to detect even a small defect and prevent it from turning into a major problem which will consequently increase your car maintenance cost.
  • Treating your car well also means that you are consciously contributing towards reducing pollution and helping in keeping the environment clean.
  • Car maintenance is also directly related to the safety of the car. If your car is not inspected regularly then the safety of its occupants and those on the road is compromised and also the ability of your car to run properly is impaired.
  • Regular maintenance of your car increases the fuel efficiency which means better fuel economy. With today’s petrol and diesel prices touching the sky regular car inspections will reduce your fuel bills considerably.

By making sure that your car runs at peak performance, you will be able to get the most out of it and also make it financially practical

Follow these simple tips for to increase the safety, performance and value of your car.

Maintenance Tips

  • Keep your tires in check; make sure they are all inflated to the recommended level. This will reduce wear and tear of the tires.
  • Change your engine oil more frequently as it lowers vehicle emissions and keeps your engine cleaner hence contributing to the environment
  • Regular tune ups will increase fuel efficiency
  • Another way to contribute to the environment is to keep your air filter clean
  • Transmission, brakes and fan belts should also be regularly checked and serviced if required

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  1. Evelyn Kelly

    Yes, you are right!!! Regular check up and maintenance keep vehicle in god working condition and increase the life span of vehicle. You have explained very well all the tips that anyone can understand. I would love to share this impeccable information with my family and friends, as they will learn some new things that they will don’t know.


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