Know How to Make Your Brakes Last Longer

Whether to make your brakes last long or wear them off quickly is a choice that is completely in your hands as a driver. Brakes are expensive to replace, and the brakes that you get at a good bargain don’t have a good shelf life.


However it’s no guarantee that the most expensive brake pads will last you for miles on end if you don’t change your driving habits. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you keep your brake pads alive longer than they usually do.


Limit your Speed:  The car’s motion is called kinetic energy. It’s calculated by multiplying half the car’s weight by the square of its speed.  Brakes forfeit their lives by turning energy into heat. A little less speed means a lot less kinetic energy. Simply put, the faster you travel the more wear and tear it puts on your brakes when you stop.


Coasting: Braking at high speeds causes a lot of damage, try coasting from 60 down to 40 before you brake; this will significantly reduce brake wear.


Always be aware: Memorize your surroundings, know where you will need to stop and consciously lower your speed ahead of speed limits or red lights. This will help you save your brakes.


Look ahead: A lot of drivers brake for no reason. If you look past the car in front of you, you’ll be able to see when you actually need use your brakes and or slow down.


Don’t be a loader: Always travel light. Don’t load up your car with unnecessary stuff. Remove the stuff that you don’t need out of your trunk because the heavier your car the harder it is on your brakes.


Don’t copy the crowd: Many people just use their brakes because the person in front of them did. Be aware of the surroundings and understand if it is vital to brake or you can do without it. It is better to coast for a while and maintain your distance rather than blindly following the crowd.


Flush your Brake Fluid: Brake fluid needs to be changed periodically. In mechanically terms it’s called flushing. Changing brake fluid helps your brakes work better and keeps the internals working well. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to change your brake fluid, ask the mechanic during routine service checks.


Always go for Quality: Make you buy and use good quality brakes. The cheaper one don’t last long and also compromise on your safety. All brakes will wear down, so just pick brakes that are good enough quality and not the cheapest, semi-metallic or hybrid brake pads are recommended over ceramic.



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