Why Should you buy your chevrolet from an authorized dealer

Always buy your car from an authorized/certified car dealer!!! You might think as Chevrolet and pre-owned car dealers we are bound to say such a thing. You may be right but you are not. Here is a list of reasons that will validate our statement.

• If you are looking to sell your old car in exchange for a new car you can be sure that an authorized dealer will always give you a better deal and a better exchange bonus on your old car as opposed to private dealers. You can sell you car of any make, age, and mileage and buy brand new Chevrolet car from our wide product range suiting your requirement. We will evaluate your car free of cost and offer you price for it. Not just that that amount will be can get adjusted into the new car price. Moreover you don’t need to come to the showroom, the evaluator will come at your doorstep at a time suitable to you and determine the value of your car after a quick physical inspection of your car and test drive.

• An authorized dealer will not just provide you a new car but will also provide you finance from the bank/financial institution of your choice. Not only that as a “Chevrolet Certified” customer you will be entitled to offers with special rates and discounts specially tailored to your needs.

• Only an authorized dealer can help you get maximum funding for your car loan and maximum tenor for that loan.

• An authorized dealer will also help you get your car insured from top notch and unanimously preferred insurance companies. You will get the best insurance schemes and deals available in the market at the lowest possible premiums.

• When you purchase a car from an authorized dealer you also get a New car warranty and maintenance is taken care of through the authorized and certified workshop. You know your car will be in good hands because an authorized dealer will always make regular service calls to keep your car in brand new condition all year through.


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